What is the problem these days with people & bathrooms? Is there a problem
with washing your hands? I have been noticing that just about everywhere,
people shoot out of the bathroom, be it a 1 or 2 & never wash their hands,
sometimes rocketing out of the bathroom like there was just an announcement
of a bomb in the building. Could be at a chain super store, or a nice local
restaurant. Add on top of that talking on their phones while on the
can....not talking Bluetooth headsets here, but full on holding the phone
chatting away. Not talking about little kids "that don't know any better"
either, or "just blue collar workers", I've been places with plenty of "high
level suits" that do the same. My wife says shes noted this with women as of
late as well, so its not "just a male thing". This makes me never want to
shake another person's hand ever again, and SURE makes me want to never work
on their cellphone either. What is the concept here?, and don't tell me
there is this huge "lets be green" movement by not wasting water, so don't
wash your hands thing, I am just not buying it. Just plain gross and
disgusting. Do these people want to encourage the plague or such? I have
worked hard over the years to become a people person, but this total
aversion to washing your hands after visiting Sir John Harrington's
invention....really just makes me want to steer clear of people all

as an aside - gee, where do you think all these "sudden" food poisoning
epidemics are coming from.... heh....