I'm new at using C3PO.

I've just used the Wizard to create a SampleCmd.dll C3PO.

- Handle Commands
- Generate Code in .NET C#

I then opened the .csproj file in VS 2005, saved and built the solution.

I then registered the assembly using Regasm.exe and verified that the GW.MESSAGE in the Registry has been updated with SampleCmd.C3POServer.

The Events included GW#C#COMPOSE, etc.

I copied the SampleCmd.dll into the Groupwise directory C:\Novell\GroupWise since I did not get strong name established.

Okay, so I then wanted to trace this.

In VS 2005, I changed the Project Debug properties Start external program: C:\Novell\Groupwise\grpwise.exe.

I put breakpoints everywhere I think it should break, specifically in the GWCommand.cs / Execute ().

I then hit F5 (Start Debugging), Groupwise Client is run and SampleCmd stays running.

However, when I do try composing, forwarding, opening, or sending mails, nothing happens! The breakpoints are never caught!

Actually, even when I tried this using VB6 instead of C# to create sample menu items, nothing gets added to the menus!

Is there something I'm missing??