Just testing the 5.20 client on Windows XP machines.
We use the 'iprint.ini' setting:

ShortInstallName = WLHT

And I have noticed that printers installed now have a spurious character appearing after the 'shortname' on the workstation

This appears as a square box on the workstations (in Printers and Faxes)
e.g. SBPR068-DELL3115CN on WLHT<square box!>

and a registry search shows this under the DevModePerUser entry

an edit shows the spurious character as hex '09'

Cuurently our PSM is NetWare based, version 3.02.03

The 'real' path to the printer is dns name based and appears fine,
so printing works, it's just very ugly and I wonder how this will work when we change our PSM to OES2SP1 Linux..

Anyone else seeing this?
I have tried 3 different workstations and cleared entries, etc