we have a windows AD, linux file server and windows and linux workstation users.

the client wants to migrate from windows AD to OES.
we are planing to recommend OES and zenworks to them. they need roaming profile and group policy support.

so in a test environment i created OES (with DSFW) and zenworks (on two servers). i joined windows machines flawlessly into the domain. When joining a third SLES server to the domain using, "Windows Domain Membership", i find that the sles joins the edir domain, but when i run,
zcm:~ # wbinfo -t
checking the trust secret via RPC calls failed
error code was NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE (0xc0000008)
Could not check secret
this means i cannot share drives on the zcm server with the users in the eDirectory to configure roaming profle.
any clues?