And first, sorry for my simple question (an my poor English)...

I have 2 servers NW6.5SP7 (eDir both) (Edir Master + Replica)
I want to install an OES2-SP1 server (with eDir 8.8) which will become the future eDir MASTER. No software to migrate (just simple data, users, and printers)

I have read a lot of documentation, and as for me there are no big problem (it's a very very simple migration) but i need a simple answer to my question (because of my big big fear to loose data or other stuff)

So, Ami right for that :

1/ I install OES2 with "Existing tree" option
2/ I put my new OES2 server in Edir Master/Read-Write
3/ I put the same server NTP Master

And the last question just for finish :
After the OES install, what will be the eDir version of the NW6.5 server ? the same or OES update it ?

Thanks for help me ...