So I'm talking to a customer and they're giving me a rather humorous (to me) story.

So said person's house was to be featured in some magazine (yeah, must be nice). The magazine people were wanting/needing internet access and were told they didn't have internet access, they just used the wireless that their neighbors had set up.

So they fire up the laptops and there's like 3-4 wireless networks available.

One was named something to the effect of (I have to change language here):

anatomical "chest" enhancements are not real

among other things (I cannot think of a way to change the words on the other network).

I thought it was funny, but who on earth would name their wireless networks, um, explicit things and stuff?

I live in an old people neighborhood, so there's only one other wireless network around and it's just named RATS.

Of course, all the aluminum foil (insulation apparently from 1955?) in the house makes it difficult to get a signal outside my house, let alone inside.