I'm currently in a NetWare 6.5 SP7 (OES/NetWare) environment and am ready to take the plunge into OES2/SLES10.

I'm looking for some good reference materials, books, etc. that can help me along that journey. There are several Novell Press books (which I usually like) for OES/SLES but they're old (circa 2005) and I think are geared toward OES/SLES9. I picked up the SLES10 Bible last night but am really looking for something that describes the differences between the two platforms, the migration considerations, best practices, etc.

Oh yeah, and I want to see if I have this straight to summarize the architecture differences:

Old Model: DOS (boot loader), NetWare (kernel/NOS), OES/NetWare 6.5 SP7 (file/print and application services) <-- the kernel and NOS are basically the same
New Model: GRUB (boot loader), SLES10 (kernel/NOS), OES2 (file/print and application services)

Under the new model, it seems as if OES2 is more analogous to how Microsoft SQL operates in a Windows server environment. SQL is a service that rides on top of the NOS.

Anyway, thanks for any advice/tips/recommendations!!!