I just installed oes2sp1 as a pre-migration server. I'm now sitting at the desktop just post install, and have some questions...

a) running NDSSTAT returns the error: failed to obtain a novell edirectory server connection to <myServer> or Novell eDirectory server is not running

b) also, when I click the orange "update" button and choose to install updates, among them are eDir updates and if click to continue through with the updates, it warns me that eDir 8.8.* is going to be installed - which confused me.

Questions #1: I thought eDir was indeed installed as part of the pre-migration install, just that a replica isnt placed here. So why isnt eDir running on my new server. And furthermore, is it actually installed or not really? I need to sort these bugs out before even thinking about running the transferID tool.

Question #2: Upon boot up, I get the following error on the screen. Is this ok? What's up? Note: it boots with runlevel3, so just to a command prompt, and I see this error towards the end of the os loading. Perhaps this is related to above?

Starting Novell Storage Services (NSS)
nss: error: required eDirectory(ndsd) is not running. Exiting.
.........Aborting /etc/init.d/novell-nss .........