I recently started moving my NetWare servers from TIMESYNC to XNTPD as part
of a move to Linux (see "Best method for migration from TIMESYNC to XNTPD").
So far so good, but I did notice one problem after updating a NetWare server
that's on the other end of a WAN link. When I first set it up, unloaded
timesync, ran ntpdate, then loaded xntpd, normally within 2-3 minutes you
would see xntpd hook up to the server IP (in this case my internal NetWare
server that in turns contacts the external pool address) and time would

However on this one machine, it complained that time diff was too much, and
it unloaded XNTPD! This even though I ran NTPDATE. So I ran NTPDATE again
and loaded XNTPD, this time it worked out.

But my concern here is, say after a server restart, or after the WAN goes
down for a period and comes back up, that XNTPD noticed that time sync has
fallen too far out, will it simply unload and give up, or will it stay
loaded and gradually adjust the clock until they match like what timesync

I'm concerned that it will simply stay unloaded, is this true?

Note I started moving my other NetWare servers to XNTPD, because after I
moved the first one (that was previously the SINGLE under TIMESYNC), that I
started getting timesync email alerts for server health from NRM from all
the other NetWare servers everytime NTP dropped for a couple of minutes on
the first server. This doesn't happen from servers that I moved to NTP
(after some testing).

Thanks in advance