I have a Problem with adding message objects through the Groupwise
Object API when external EMail addresses are included in the CC category
of recipients.

I add the Message through the following method:

Message AddExistingMessage (String SenderDisplayName, String
SenderEmailAddress, String SenderEmailAddressType, Date CreationDate,
MessageBoxTypeConstants MessageBoxType, MessageStatusConstants
MessageStatus, MessagePriorityConstants MessagePriority,
MessageSecurityConstants MessageSecurity, [VARIANT DraftMessage],
[VARIANT LastModificationDate])

I have debugged the code concerned and found that both in the supplied
draft message and in the resulting message object, the members of the
Recipients collection that belong the the external email addresses are
filled as follows (Taking the fictional address "Joe.Test@test.com" as


Recipient.Address = null
Recipient.DisplayName = "Joe.Test@test.com"
Recipient.EMailAddress = "Joe.Test@test.com"
Recipient.EmailType = "NGW"


Recipient.Address = null
Recipient.DisplayName = ""
Recipient.EMailAddress = "Joe.Test@test.com"
Recipient.EmailType = "NGW"

When I open the added Massage in the Groupwise Client, though, the Email
Address is displayed as follows: "CC: Joe.Test@test.com" and if I replay
to the newly added message (choosing the "Reply to all" option), the
message is sent to "Joe@test.com", instead of "Joe.Test@test.com".
Somehow the part between dot and the domain seems to get lost.

Any idea what goes wrong here?

Thanks in advance! Best regards, Martin Schmidt.