Hello, we have the webaccess working before but i think it begin yesterday where when people logs in, it gives

\"Unable to communicate with GroupWise WebAccess Agent". right away

even bogus user name and password procedure the same error, this means the server does not even bother to validate the request

internally it works if we use FQDN or IP address of the server plus the reset of the webaccess URL, however it gaves "cannot process request, please contact your administrator" every time a button is clicked, but skippable, however it is annoying and indicates something in the webaccess is broken

i spent 6 hours with the novell tech so far and not able to resolve the issue, we have renamed the commgr.cfg and comint.cfg from webacc folder under domain and commgr.cfg from sys:/novell/groupwise/webacc folder. Also toggles the value in General tab of Consoleone.

even to the extent of reinstall the novell gw webaccess and all its agent but nothing helps so far

please advise