I had a machine laying around the office here,
AM2 Platform AMD64x2 3800+ with a bad mobo.
Had a project come up that called for a demo system
to show one of our applications running under various
operating systems. So I figure with the budget cutting and
such I'd toss some parts at this thing and get it running.
So I bought this cheapo mobo ($52), which is nice, not expecting much
but certainly a lot more up to date than the one it replaced and it even
has virtualization support in the BIOS...Yay!

Anyway, with replacing nothing other than the motherboard,
this 'new' system is INSANELY fast at running VMware Server 1.0.9.
Literally it is blowing me away. I swear things run faster under
VMware than native on this box...I've been using VMware since it
came to market but I'm totally gob smacked by this machine.

I'm tempted to start using this as my box. :-)