We want to use RapidSSL for the security certificate for our Webaccess portion of GW8. We want to export the certificate from our Groupwise box and am having no luck. I have used the ConsoleOne tool
1. highlighted the OU that houses the Groupwise server
2. I have created a new object the NDSPKI:KeyMaterial I've named it "gwcert"
3. Creation type I picked was custom.
4. I've selected External Certificate Authority"
5. I've accepted the default 2048 bits, and allow private key to be exported

When I generate the key I get an error 602 and it states to erase the certificate if it exists and retry. I have retried it several times, several different ways with no luck. I must be missing something, a step along the way, I'm not sure.

The environment is:
Single Tree
Groupwise Server is GW8 on a SUSE 10.2 build.
ConsoleOne on the Groupwise SUSE server ConsoleOne Version 1.3.6h

If you have any ideas or recommend processes to achieve this I'd sure appreciate it!


Garry Bowers
LaPorte Community Schools
Network Operations Manager