We are running Netware 6.5SP7/ SP8 on our cluster
and Groupwise 8.00HP1

We did the HP2 upgrade after waiting a bit to see if there were any
errors. When the upgrade was performed no configurations were changed,
just install the nlms

After the upgrade we were unable to receive some e-mail from certain
hosts as sender verification had failed. Lookig in C1 we could see the
reverse pointer lookup was not selected, and the the new fields where
it matches the senders greeting or flag as invalid pointer for junk mail

All 3 of the fields were unchecked. So after a bit of searching I
ended up in the gwia.cfg file where the /rejbs-0 entry was added. This
was changed for the startup. Looking at the date of the file confirms
that it was modified/changed when the HP went in.

Any thoughts on how this was changed ? A bug in the install, something
else ?

It's solved for us I am just postig here so I can hopefully solve
someone else's problem