We've recently transitioned from using Linux with LDAP to eDirectory on SuSE (OES2). There was an existing tree in our SU which I joined. I am definitely a Novell noob. While most everything is going well, getting CIFS working is not. Initially I had installed CIFS during the OES setup. However, I was having problems with it. The server would not show as being started in iManager, though I verified it was started from the console. I decided to uninstall CIFS and reinstall it, and am now having issues with the configuration.

I run 'yast2 novell-cifs'
The first thing it tells me (this may be normal behaviour, but seems a bit odd) is:

"LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services already configured It appears that LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services might already be configured.
To reconfigure LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services please exit and use iManager. If LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services has been uninstalled and is being reinstalled you may continue. Are you sure want to continue?"

Continuing seems to work fine (not continuing doesn't populate the eDirectory server list on the next screen). After that, using either a secure or non-secure port and creating a new proxy user I first get:
"There are no password policies currently defined in eDirectory. To associate policies to users, please re-configure CIFS later using YaST after adding password policies and users to eDirectory. CIFS configuration will continue."

Which isn't true, the default policy exists and is being used by another school. Following that I get:
"Error while configuring Novell CIFS Service. User creation failed; Verify the password policy for the context where user is being created, for any password restriction." There is no password policy for the context the user is being created in, and even if there was, the password I specified meets the requirements in the default policy.

If I manually create the proxy user and give it rights to retrieve passwords, then try to use that user I get an error saying the credentials do not match. Which I've quadruple checked, and they're correct.

Any help would be much appreciated. Is there any additional information that I should post?