Over the years I've used new laptops purchased by my employers, and they usually were underpowered or too small.
Two years ago I bought a refurb HP laptop for my wife, and have had no problems with it. She loves it!

Sunday's paper came with an ad on the front page for an HP Pavilion DV6 AND a WII for $849. The laptop is a full mediasmart model (complete with remote) and has 6 Gigs of RAM. I bought it after verifying that it uses an Intel chipset for wireless (better chance of getting Linux to work).

I went in there wearing my "HP Certified Professional" polo. What really amazed me was that the sales dork, who was pushing the extended warranty, actually stated that HP hardly ever replaces anything under warranty and will try to weasel out of it every chance they get. The NERVE! Hello!?! Can't you read my shirt!?! I had a heated conversation with him and set him straight. I'm thinking of following up with HP and/or his manager.

But what the heck - I got a great new laptop!

The company uses oversize yellow price tags and lots of blue color.