Have a network composed of OES1 (Linux) clusters. And a few single servers (for replicas) in a single tree. eDir 8.7.3 sp10b.

Looking for the latest and greatest info on upgrading to eDir 8.8.

Is it still so that, while possible to upgrade to 8.8, in place, one *should not*, as this makes upgrade to OES2 "impossible". (not that I really believe that as an absolute anyway, but I play along.)

And that the "straight scoop" is to do the upgrade to 8.8 as part of upgrade to OES2?

Pointers to current info?

Also, from what I read, seems the difference between an "inplace" upgrade to OES2 vs a "wipe and resinstall", is, well, hardly any. Since it appears to wipe out "/boot" and "/" and one has to reinstall "non native" apps . . . ???

joe a.