My customer has Netware Small Business Suite 6.6. There are two volumes
configured (SYS and VOL1). The VOL1 is getting out of space and I need
to expand it. I'm going to add a pair mirrored hard drives to the server
and add all the new spaces to VOL1. Base on my research, I can use NSSMU
to expand the pool and then, expand the Volume. However, I saw from HP
fournm, the NSSMU will automatically divide the new free space to all
the volumes. My questions are:

1. Is NSSMU the tool that I should use?
2. How can I manually assign all free space to VOL1? OR divide the new
free space manually?
3. Can I safely remove the new free space from the expanded volume if I
make any mistake (e.g. added the free space to the wrong volume, can I
safely remove it from the expanded volume?)

Since I have never do this before, some instructions will be appreciated.

Thanks very much,