I've developed a website that we use with our clients and consultants
that works fairly well. The one drawback is uploads. For employees,
it isn't a problem, because they just copy files directly into the
folders of a mapped drive. We have the ability to specify specific
folders as uploadable through the web page. The problem is that a
standard upload form can only upload 1 file at a time and does not
have a progress bar. I've investigated a variety of Perl, PHP, and
Flash methods, but either couldn't get them to work or found them to
be too unstable. I was wondering about using FTP for file uploads.
But I'm trying to get my brain wrapped around the concept. If I am
serving up https pages, how do I let someone upload via FTP and insure
that the file only goes where it is allowed to go. Not sure if I am
explaining this well enough. But some pages on the site are
representations of folders on the server. Currently, if we allow
uploads to those folders, the user sees an upload form. They pick a
file and upload it and my upload script does all my verifications. How
would I do this with a FTP? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!


Novell....it does a server good!