Hi all,

I'm creating email-messages via ObjAPI in GW with a HTML-Body, which has to be done
by attaching a Text.htm to a message. This file has the desired Html-Body as content.
Besides that I define a BodyText as the plain text part of the message. That message
is saved as a draft and then sent by the ObjAPI command ".Send()".

In my Text.htm file I define UTF-8 as the charset of the html document, because I do
have to use special chars, like german Umlaute or something similar.
My html content comes from a "external" HTML editor.

When adding my "Text.htm" as attachment, GW seems to choose the charset for the
email-message itself by checking the BodyText content. So the effect when sending
such a message via GWIA is the following:
GWIA defines a "MIME-charset", i.e. "iso-8859-1", but my "Text.htm" has defined
"utf-8" as charset, so the reveiving email-client won't display the html-content
right; most speical chars are displayed as the all known "garbage".

If I open the created draft message inside the GW client and send it via the client
button "Send" the message will be sent correct; so I assume the whole "charset thing"
is handled by the client.

What options do I have to send HTML messages, containing special chars (german
umlaute) just by using the ObjAPI (without Tokens!)?
Any possibility to "force" GW to use a special charset when sending a message?

Environment: GW 7.0.3 (POA + client).