I'm starting a new post because i see lots of errors with regard to deployment of ZCM Windows Group Policies.

SLES10.2 ZCM10.2<<fresh install Dual Core2DuoXeon - 8gb ram 10K RPM Raptors
WinXPSP3/Client32sp5 Core2Duo 2.66 - 4gb ram SATA2 7200 RPM
gigabit fiber network.

<<I don't think speed is my issue here>>

I have uploaded a new group policy using the ZENmigration util. Also hand created one. Did both on a friday morning and left all weekend until today. I associated the policies to the users on Saturday night, having 24 hours passed. My group policies are still corrupting with "Path for the group policy content is null" errors.

I hand associated one policy to one user and another one to another user respectively ... keep in mind they were identical. Not a group, not a workstation, just a single user.

What is going on here?
With the vast amount of issues is this issue at least being checked out by Novell Development?

Thank you