OK migrating data from NetWare 6.5 cluster to OES2L cluster. migration has been going super. Want to keep the original data on-line mapping to a new drive and set to RF for all users just as a safety net.

I exported the trustee assignments on the old volume with the thought of converting the data into a bat file I could run to remove all but RF rights.

The first several lines ran fine but then I started seeing "user or group is not a trustee of the specified path" error. I have verified and the path and users are valid. Since I used excel to manipulate the data it is easy to tweak without getting typos.

Here is a sample line that I get the error on, and yes the name was changed protect the guilty....:

Works -
rights "data1:\Students\2009" -wcema /name=".schultzs.HS.ISD999"

Does not work -
rights "data1:\Students\2009\Rit Shaver" -wcema /name=".Rit Shaver.2009.Students.ISD999"

The error started when the users and their home directory started having spaces. I have tried replacing spaces with underscores and without quotes. I just get other errors when I do that.

Any ideas on this?

Would hate to have to hand change several thousand trustee assignments...