I do have a OES2 Sp1 64-Bit Installation of 2 Servers. Wanted to Install Cluster Services on the first one. While Installing/Configuring the Cluster Service, it asks to name and place the Cluster Object.
When trying to place the Object (where the other NW Clusters are) we give for example: "cn=clustername,ou=cluster,ou=services,o=organisat ion".
Error Message appears, that this Context does not exist. Trying in all different ways to type in that Context and Name, it will not work. But leaving one Context, so "cn=clustername,ou=services,o=organisation" does work like it supposed to.
Since it is not that easy to move an Cluster Object afterwards I'm wondering if there is anybody out there experiencing the same issues.
I have installed all recent patches, which did not help.
Thanks for Suggestions