Just recently upgraded to v8hp2 from 7.0.3. We can no longer add users to a proxy list in WebAccess using the normal method and selecting from the address book. After we select the name and add the appropriate permissions we click save and get the error…

The user “UserName” could not be found. Select a user from the address book.

If I manually type in the email address (user@domain.com) or (user.postoffice.domain) it works. I found a couple of old TIDs (10073577 & 10074305) that had a similar issue for version 6 which state it was reported to development and fixed in v6sp3. TIDs… 10073577: Cannot add user to proxy list through WebAccess
10074305: Cannot give users proxy access from WebAccess.

I tested in IE7 and Firefox. One thing I noticed is that when I click “save”, the name changes from “lastname, firstname” to “lastname firstname”. The comma gets removed… Don’t know if it means anything.

Is this just my system, or is this a bug that has found its way back? Does anyone know how to fix it?