Netware v6.5 SP07
eDirectory v8.7.3.9 SMP
NDS v10553.73
iPrint Client v4.32 AND happens on v5.20

A few years ago, we left the DA Dept tree KERNLEGAL to KERNDCSS.

We can print with no problems. When we try to cancel a print in the queue, we receive a window "Novell iPrint Client - Printer Authentication", "Realm: KERNLEGAL". The problem is that we are not in this tree KERNLEGAL. We are in KERNDCSS. We can't login to KERNLEGAL. The only way to be able to print again is to reboot the computer.

1) Why is it asking us to login the old tree?

I searched the registry and deleted all references to KERNLEGAL, but still have the problem. Since the problem also happens on brand new computers, I suspect the problem lies on the server somewhere.

I have read most everything on the Internet with no luck on my specific problem.

Can anyone help me with this. I am seriously thinking about going to Windows~! ARGHH