Is anyone else using a proxy.pac file for Firefox 3.x on a Mac? I'm able to
get the proxy.pac file to work by using url variables (for example, use a
proxy going to, don't use one going to, etc.),
or even just making the proxy "on" all of the time unless a url variable is
hit, but the "proxy if PC is on local lan" doesn't work. My googling seems
to suggest that Firefox 3.x is seeing the ipv6 address, and not the ipv4
address, and that if I were to replace the

if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))


if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", "") ||
shExpMatch(myIpAddress(), "fe80::21e:52ff:fe70:*") )

then it would work. But it still doesn't. I can't get the proxy to happen
based on my IP address. (oh and of course that ipv6 string in the shExpMatch
is the beginning of my ipv6 address).

So I'm wondering if it's just not possible. So, if anyone else knows the
definitive answer it would keep me from fussing with this and give me one
less thing to divert me from writing today


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