I just recently upgraded to Groupwise 8 in a school district. I support many school districts and this is the first time I've had this problem. Users are complaining that from outside the network(home access) that when they log in to web acc, the mailbox will just hang at "Loading...."

The toolbars, menus, and folder list all display properly, but it hangs trying to load the message list for the mailbox. It works fine when on the internal LAN, only happens from home. And the problem is not constant - sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not. I've had users complain about the issue from the entire spectrum of web browsers, from IE 6,7,8 to Safari and Firefox. I've had users clear cache/temp internet files and still have the problem.

I do see a java error on the logger screen, I'm not sure if its related:
com.novell.webaccess.providers.gwap.GWAPException: Invalid Parameter

The only reference I could find to the above error on these forums(or anywhere for that matter) was in the following thread:
Which doesn't describe the problem I am having....

Has anyone else seen this problem or have an idea what to check?

Thanks in advance for any help