I'm in my first attempt at integrating GW functionality into a C# application. I am not an expert C# programmer either. Thus far I've been successful at getting logged into GW, creating a new mail message and sending it successfully. However adding code to attach a file to my message returns an exception from the GroupwareTypeLibrary with the unhelpful error message "Unknown Error". Below is my code. If I comment out the line:
objMessage.Attachments.Add("c:\reg.log",1,"reg.log ");

the program runs successfully, happily sending my mail to the recipent mailbox. I know the c:\reg.log file exists and I have permissions to it.

Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong would be of tremendous help, as I've already search and cruised all the forums on GW API I can find to no avail. Running GW 7.03 I think on client and server side.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using GroupwareTypeLibrary;

namespace GWEmailTest
class Program
public static void Main()
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application objApplication = new GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application();
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account objAccount;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Messages objMessages;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Message objMessage;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Folder objMailBox;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Recipients objRecipients;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Recipient objRecipient;

objAccount = objApplication.Login("dpuls", "", "password", "", "");
objMailBox = objAccount.MailBox;
objMessages = objMailBox.Messages;
objMessage = objMessages.Add("GroupwareTypeLibrary.Message",4," ");
objRecipients = objMessage.Recipients;
objRecipient = objRecipients.Add("dpuls","","");
objMessage.Subject.PlainText = "Here's the message from C#!.";
objMessage.BodyText.PlainText = "Here's the report you wanted.";
objMessage.Attachments.Add("c:\reg.log",1,"reg.log ");