2 Issues, one with timesync and one with CPU Usage

Issue 1: I just migrated 2 of my remaining 3 Netware 6.5 sp5 servers to VMWare hosts. My vmware environment is ESX 3.5 UR4 if that matters, VMTools are installed and up to date. One of the servers is my master replica holder for the tree. I had the timesync SINGLE server as one of my 2 VM's running on ESX because that is one of the roles it had before. I was getting a TON of timesync errors. I did a little googling and found that most people recommend you run your timesync master SINGLE server on real hardware, so I moved the timesync source to my remaining Physical hardware Netware server, changed all the settings in timesync.cfg, restarted timesync. Everything seemed good. Time is in sync everywhere, for now. However a few hours later (and every so many minutes) on the VM Netware servers, the time goes out of sync, then a couple minutes later re-sync's. There is no network interruptions, the virtual servers just lose timesync. The SINGLE reference server never does, it is always in sync and never loses network connectivity to the other boxes. I verified this via a persistent ping, no drops. Any ideas here?

Issue 2: Excessive CPU usage: At random times my virtual Netware servers, especially after a reboot, will have 100% cpu utilization. This eventually settles doen, but does re-occur at random times. At this point, its not causing any issues, no abends or anything to indicate what is going on other than the useless monitor telling me "server" thread tying up cpu but does not seem right and never happened when I ran them on real hardware. I heard there was this nlm called nw5-idle, I do not have it running, but do have VMTools running, should I run this too? Any pros-cons to running this nlm?