I'm trying to install ZRS on my ZCM Installation. There is history and my problems maybe related to this. However, assuming I have been able to remove and cleanup the failed installation of 10.1 ZRS, this is my situation.

I have 3 ZENWorks Servers. All are virtual SLES 10 SP2 sitting on XEN(SUSE). Each has ZCM installed.
The second server is to be used to run ZRS.
I mount the ZRS 10.2 ISO file and run the setup.sh. The program starts up and I enter the details for authentication, language etc. It takes about 30 minutes to install.

At the end of the installation, after saying yes to restart the ZENWorks services, the screen says the install has failed. (If I understand the manual correctly, this can be ignored).

However, ZRS doesn't seem to run and BobjEnterprise120 isn't created in the etc/init.d directory. I'm not really sure where to start. I can deinstall the ZRS 10.2 using the zrsuninstall and this works with ZRS 10.2. (It didn't with 10.1)

Does anyone have some experience that could assist me. Have I not deleted some old install files from a previous failed installation? Have I missed a step?