We are running GroupWise 8 on Linux server 10sp2. Every once a while,
we'll get the error " The server is busy and unable to process your
request. Please try again later". Then I'll have to restart WebAccess
service to fix that. I researched Novell knowledgebase. It says that
there is something to do with default setting which allows a maximum of
250 concurrent users by default. The tid suggests either to set the
maximum concurrent users higher or lower than the default of 250, or
toRemove the /maxuser switch". We only have around 200 users at maximum
and therefore 250 is enough for us. Thus I think it may not be the
issue.The second one is to Remove the /maxuser switch. I looked at the
file and /maxuser has already been comment out by default.

Can someone advise how to fix this above error? Thanks a lot!

The tid I found is