It seems that I am having problem accessing existing thumbs.db files
on data migrated from netware, when accessing the file using a Windows
XP machine using SMB.
The issue is not there when using NWClient

The share section of smb.conf now look like this

path = /media/nss/DATAVOL01/grp/fbsubd
read only = No
inherit acls = no
comment = Test Share
nt acl support = No

I have tried "inherit acls = yes" and removed "nt acl supoort" line as

Can anyone shed a light on why I cannot access thumbs.db files? And
what I can do to get accessing said files to work as it should?

Entire smb.conf below, for reference.

--- smb.conf ---
workgroup = MYDOMAIN
printing = cups
printcap name = cups
printcap cache time = 0
cups options = raw
map to guest = Bad User
include = /etc/samba/dhcp.conf
logon path = \\%L\profiles\.msprofile
logon home = \\%L\%U\.9xprofile
logon drive = P:
usershare allow guests = Yes
netbios name = SERVER1
realm = mydomain.dk
auth methods = guest winbind
server string = Novell Open Enterprise Server
security = ads
encrypt passwords = Yes
socket options = TCP_NODELAY
local master = Yes
os level = 64
domain master = Yes
preferred master = Yes
domain logons = Yes
idmap backend =
idmap uid = 1-4294967295
idmap gid = 1-4294967295
pid directory = /var/run/samba
use kerberos keytab = Yes
winbind use default domain = Yes
winbind nss info = rfc2307
dce funnel directory = /var/opt/novell/xad/rpc
nt acl support = No
load printers = No

comment = Network Logon Service
path = /var/opt/novell/xad/sysvol/sysvol/mydomain.dk/scripts
writable = No
share modes = No
nt acl support = Yes

comment = Group Policies
path = /var/opt/novell/xad/sysvol/sysvol
writable = Yes
share modes = No
nt acl support = No

path = /media/nss/DATAVOL01/grp/fbsubd
read only = No
inherit acls = no
comment = Test Share
nt acl support = No
--- smb.conf ---