Over this past year, I believe I have opened (4) SR's. One of them was an incredible experience when we lost an entire Cluster Resource and the Novell Engineer helped us in building the new one and taught us much in the course of the rebuild.

My first SR was to finalize our documentation regarding the creation of Cluster Resources. Overall, the assistance was pretty good other than the Tech did not inform me about the use of "Cluster Scan for New Devices." Which ultimately led us to losing an entire Cluster Resource.

A few weeks back I opened a ticket on a CIFs issue that had been bothering us for over a year. While working with the Tech DSTRACES were required. The Tech could not get one to complete properly. I, have only worked with Netware for 2 years, was also not that versed in using DSTRACE. But, after I saw what he was attempting to do I ran the trace and determined the issue on my own. Input that was provided and or suggested at the time was questionable at best. The Tech was also very slow from my perspective in attempting to resolve this issue. It was not a down issue but it would be days between contact at times. Overall, I would have to say this Tech's abilities are not what I feel I should expect when opening an SR with Novell. I feel I should be getting someone with some experience. I feel DSTRACE should be a tool that all Netware Support Tech's should be very well versed in.

And now for my current ticket..... Every since I have been here, we have had issues with not being able to install certificates into our Netware Cluster. I finally took the bull by the horns and opened an SR for this nagging issue. I was initially assigned one Tech and we had a phone conversation regarding the issue that went great and I felt the best way for resolution to be achieved was to write him an email of what we had tried and what we were trying to achieve so we were all on the same page. I did this. A day or so later I received an email from another Tech saying he was taking over my SR because the first Tech was on leave for a while. The second Tech did not have a copy of the email I sent the first. So, yesterday I am working with the new Tech on our Certificate Issue, but all he ended up doing was sending me TID's to read. I have RTFM'd everything I can find on Certificates and Netware Cluster and Resources. We have beaten ourselves about the head on this issue.... When opening an SR should I expect someone to sit there and search through the knowledge base which I have already done, or should I be working with a Tech that actually knows how to resolve the issue? My expectation is the later of the two....