Okay - so one of my daughters needs a new phone. We want an unlocked GSM
phone (so Joe, no need trying to convince us of a Pre <heehee>).

She has a T-Mobile Sidekick LX right now (well had - it has misappeared and
if the college lost and found hasn't received it by Tuesday we're assuming
it's gone forever). Although she is on T-Mobile now, there are various
reasons why we do not wish to extend her T-Mobile contract, and she may be
moving to AT&T at some point.

So, whatever phone she gets has to be unlocked so that it will work on any
GSM network.

Does anyone have any ideas? She doesn't seem to like my Nokia E61i much
(although that might be what she uses for awhile). Of course we've
considered an unlocked iPhone. We're just looking for recommendations. She
already is sick of T9 on the little phone she's using as a replacment, and
will want a full keyboard of some kind when she gets the new phone.

Any ideas?


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