I'm trying to build a low end production DNS/DHCP/iPrint server out of spare parts here, my budget won't allow for anything fancy. I've tried 3 different RAID controllers to get my 4 SATA drives in a RAID5 configuration and all 3 gave me the same warning: They're all "software" RAID that linux doesn't appear to like. Thankfully 2 of the RAID controllers were built into the motherboards I was experimenting with so I'm only out the price of 1 cheap RAID controller so far.

Are there any PCI/SATA RAID controller cards that work with OES linux? I'm having no luck with the software RAIDS as you may understand. I looked at the Promise controllers but those seem to be iffy and 10x the price of the cheap one.

Is there a hardware compatibility chart somewhere that would list approved hardware?

I've tried 2 Asus (one of which was a promise controller) motherboard based RAID controllers and a generic PCI-slot Rosewill controller. All of which OES said were software RAIDS. Neither motherboard I'm working with would allow for a PCI-e card bootable from teh video adapter slot so I'm stuck with regular PCI.

Any and all help is great apprecated! Thank you!