I'm looking for a utility that will run on a NetWare server that will give me a list of files in a subtree of a volume with a 'last accessed' date older than 'x' and give it to me in a format that I can bring into a spreadsheet.

I looked at Ndir but it defaults to the short name for both the directory and the file name which does not make it useful in our environment. There is a /L switch for it to show long filenames but then it lists for each file the short file name followed (on separate lines) by the filename for MAC, NFS & OS/2 namespaces. Not particularly useful to bring into a spreadsheet.

I looked at NRM and although it will tell me how many files have a last accessed date older than a specific amount for a complete volume, it doesn't allow me to do a search just for one branch of the directory structure off the root of the volume. It also doesn't give me a way to export the info into a spreadsheet.

I am running out of space on the volume and want to get a list of files that have not been accessed for the last two years in one part of the directory structure and then use that to copy them somewhere else.

Anyone have a suggestion of a utility that would do this?