Hi All,

I've an issue with children fields when adding an AddressBookEntry.

dim myABEntry as aAddressBookEntry, _
strGhildren as string, _
FisrtName as string, _
LastName as string

Set myABEntry = myAB.AddressBookEntries.Add(FirstName + " " + LastName, MailAddress)
myABEntry.Fields.Add "Hijos", egwString, strChildren

This instruction always gives "Runtime error 80010108, Error in method 'Add' from object 'IGWFields'"

I'm not sure which is the field name on english version of the product. I suppouse that it's Children. I've tried also with egwReserved field type and got the same result.

Another question,

I'm not sure about how to add multiple email addresses to a contact entry. Any idea with it?

Thanks in advance