Up front, I'll admit to being a long time GroupWise user (v4.1 through
7.02HP currently) and a programmer, but I have no experience programming
to GW and very little NDK experience. So I'm just trying to pick some
brains to get pointed in the right direction. If this is not the best
news group for this, please let me know.

Here are my questions in search of solutions:

Q1: I have some monitoring equipment that sends me notifications via
e-mail. I'd like to pull the appropriate e-mails from GW, parse out the
data, and put it into a database for analysis. Any suggestions on the
best tool or method to accomplish this with GroupWise (currently running

Q2: Similarly, I also have an end user trying to use the "data
collection by e-mail" process in the MS Office 2007 suite. This
involves creating a fillable data collection form in Access 2007, and
sending it to recipients via Outlook 2007 (this only works with Outlook
2007). The recipient then fills in the form, and responds to the
original e-mail. The response e-mails are recognized and automatically
parsed by Outlook/Access, with the form field data being put into a
table in Access. My question - does anyone have a suggestion on how I
can use GroupWise to accomplish something similarly?

I figure if I can at least get an answer to my first question, I could
possibly patch together an Outlook-less solution for the second problem
by using a web form that e-mails data (maybe an XML doc) to my user, and
an app that then pulls the e-mail from GW, parses the data from the
e-mail, and stuffs it into the DB of his choosing. I just wanted to see
if anyone knew of a shorter trip from here to there, possibly avoiding
any server side involvement (such as requiring web server usage - this
limits what the user can do on their own without getting an IT staffer

Thanks in advance.