Just a rant-

OK- so in the old days, if you purchased a product it came with these mysterious items called manuals.

IT manuals were the best- they came in nice binders that laid flat on a table and had pages that you could replace when things changed (or even add pages)- remember the old Netware set?

Then they moved to bound books. Easier to carry around, but not as nice when you where working.

Now, you buy something and you have to download the manuals. Not a problem, I rather like having doc sets on my Nokia.

NetApp has taken this to a new level. It takes 48 hours to get an account to download manuals.

I'm not after software- just documentation.

I can download software immediately, but if I want to check the manual, I have to wait.

For whatever reason, this just really pissed me off.

To be fair, my mood is a bit sour- my batch of molasasses stout had to be tossed after my 4 year-old dumped Legos and Play-Doh into the carboy. 5 Gallons of happiness, gone.