From a Windows 7 PC with 10.2.1 ZAA installed (ZCM10 sles server also at 10.2.1), I get this error when I do the following: In ZCC, click Policies, New Policy, select Windows Grop Policy, select Local Group Policy, check the User Configuration box (leaving the pre-checked Computer Configuration as well). I then click Configure and click YES to the UAC prompt about allowing GPMessageRouter.exe to "make changes to this computer". GPEdit opens, I close it and immediately get the error. "Failure importing Group Policy Settings. POLICYHANDLERS.WinGPPolicy.ExportFailure." I found the below link but it only talks about XP. I am running ZCC thru IE8, not sure if IE8 is an issue? Or Win7 is too new for ZCM still? Also it's Windows 7 is RC (Evaluation Copy Build 7100)

(Novell Documentation)
Explanation: When gpedit.msc is closed, the GPHelper displays the error message with the ID POLICYHANDLERS.WinGPPolicy.ExportFailure.
Possible Cause: The Windows Hotfix KB897327 is not installed on the Windows XP SP1 or SP2 managed device.