Currently I operateÖ.
One NW 6.5 SP7 server acting as a file server as well as handling logins
One NW 6.5 SP7 server acting as a print server
One NW 6.5 SP7 server acting as a zenworks server.

All three of these servers reside locally on my network all running on physical hardware.

The rest of the servers onsite, other than novell, have been virtualized off site on an hosted vmware system.

The hardware that my netware file server is installed on is aging and I am in the process of virtualizing it onto the offsite hosted system.

I have played with setting up a SUSE OES server and doing migrations. I have had mixed results. Because of my environment I might try to take a more cautious/different approach.

My idea is to install an OES/Linux system, on the vmware system as a forth server in my tree. I would then like to migrate the file serving portion over to it so it is on the more reliable hardware. As well I would like to replicate edir on that machine. I would like users to authenticate via the old netware server but access files/home drives via the new linux server.

So I am wondering what the complications with this will be. Can I mix netware and linux into the same tree? Will doing the file server migration work for what I want to do, or will I have to somehow edit the userís environments to point them to their home drives on the new file server. Can a Linux OES server be a replicate to a netware server?

Eventually the netware server and hardware will be decommissioned and the new linux server will be the primary. Probably next summer. It is hosting education students so it bad timing to take it completely out of service.
Please send along any info you would like to add.
Thanks in advanceÖ