Hello all,

My company has an existing product that provides Outlook integration into a third party mail repository. We have an existing client for our other services that is interested if we can replicate our Outlook client functionality for Groupwise. They are version 7 now, but have plans for version 8 within 6 months.

Most of the Outlook/Exchange methdologies we use are apparent via the published API's. However, there is one item we use regularly that I've yet to find a equivalent of in Groupwise.

In Outlook each individual folder has a Folder Home Page URL property, with a second switch on/off property for showing that Home Page URL. When the URL is filled in and the switch is turned on, the user is shown a browser window that directs to the URL rather than the normal Outlook message window. The folder essentially becomes a Web Shortcut.

Is there any type of equivalent methodology in Groupwise 7 or 8 that could be used? In my research thus far I haven't found anything, though the possiblity of using the version 8 RSS feed does exist.