Hey all!

I'm preparing for deployment of ZCM and Windows 7 for roll-out in the near future, and I have noticed a couple oddities with the ZCM agent.

I'm running 10.2.1 and Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600).

The first item I noticed was that there is no desktop icon for the ZCM agent, this might be troublesome for our users because they have grown accustomed to seeing that icon on their desktop. Is there a setting to display this icon, or is it simply a "feature" that it is missing?

Secondly, I have noticed that ZCM folders do not show up properly in the start menu.

For example, My applications folder is called "IPFW Applications", however in Start Menu - All Programs the folder shows up with a GUID (similar how ZEN7 did if you had hidden folders enabled, however this is not the case on my Windows 7 machine).

e.g. The folder name is:
IPFW Applications.{763370C4-268E-4308-A60C-D8DA0342BE32}

Any ideas?