I know that for some you can go way back beyond this, but I still
remember my first computer. It came with 4mb of ram. I bought a game
called Phantasmagoria and it wouldn't run with anything less than 8mb.
It cost me $160 to upgrade my computer and it was the first time I ever
opened up my computer. I remember being all nervous about installing
it. No google back then. :P

My final three upgrades to that computer where a pentium overdrive
processor that brought math co processing so I could run AutoCAD, a 1.6
gb western digital hard drive that required special software to utilize
the entire drive, and a cd burner which effectively was a waste of money
because it coastered most of my CD's.

And my last thought. I remember learning all kinds of fun stuff about
DOS because I was going to compete in a competition where DOS and some
other computer skills where required. Ended up being a bunch of
questions about the history of computers. The DOS education did me
better than the history education.