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Thread: New Support Policy: Reality & Myth

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    New Support Policy: Reality & Myth

    Hey guys. I'm sitting here reading through the "upcoming support changes"
    thread with some consternation and some amusement. (I laughed out loud at
    the leeches reference. ;-)

    I understand the frustration of what you believe to be happening, but I
    also want to ensure the facts are known because there is a lot of info
    being tossed around that isn't exactly "truth". No, you definitely won't
    need maintenance to attend BrainShare (that one made me laugh too!) If
    you've been around here a while, you know me and know I'm straight up with

    Here's the deal, and feel free to ask me questions about it.....I'll find
    the right people to answer them:

    From what I'm reading, most of you are OK with the patches for enterprise,
    non-open source products being available only to customers with
    maintenance. I don't think many argue with that change. Let's talk about
    the knowledgebase.

    FACT: Only about 8% of the TIDs in the knowledgebase will be closed off
    for entitled customers. Those are the TIDS for the products under "General
    Support" ( Product Support Lifecycle ). All other TIDS will
    remain open to the general public. As products move from general support
    to extended and self support, all TIDS will become public.

    FACT: If you have a maintenance contract on *any* product, you will have
    full access to the knowledgbase without restriction.

    What specific questions can I help get answered for you? Comon
    now...serious questions. They can't include the word "braindead" ;-)

    Kim (9/22/2009 9:27:32 AM Mountain)
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