I have been reading the posts today to further understand the concerns or customers and partner as well as our great community forum supporters. We will continue to provide the correct information-- see the New Support Policy: Reality & Myth-- I am one of the folks that you may consider "brain dead" but bear with me a minute-- We absolutely believe there is tremendous value in Novell's patches, service packs and other intellectual property and that the cost of providing these services should not be solely born by current maintenance customers. Even with this revised policy, there are still a number of valuable services available without a maintenance contract including stand-alone security patches, access to core support knowledgebase content, product documentation, product evaluation versions, collateral, and access to Cool Solutions and various Novell Support Forums. The new policy also does not impact customers of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product line. It will also not apply to NetWare or products that have moved beyond general support phase of the product lifecycle. Finally, ALA/SLA customers will continue to have access to all patches, service packs and knowledgebase content for the products they own.

Novell has a strong maintenance offering allowing unlimited assisted support as well as unrestricted access to patches and our knowledgebase. We have certified our center and field capabilities and won numerous industry awards. I am proud of the Novell team. Colleen O'Keefe
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