going from netware 6.5sp7 to oes2sp1 patched... using the Server consolidation and migration tool. I have a data volume to move - but I see in the documentation this:

8.2.3 Creation Dates Change from NetWare to Linux
After copying files from a NetWare source server to an OES Linux destination server, the creation dates for those files change to today's date rather than the date the files were originally created. Linux doesn't provide a Creation Date field for file systems, so NCP Server displays the current date.

1.) the last sentence - linux doesn't provide a create date field --- when I create a file on the linux server, I do see a creation date field. I must be misinterpreting the meaning here....

2.) any way to preserve the creation date using SCMT or another tool? I like the SCMT because its gui and this is my first migration from netware to linux, so I am a little squeemish about the whole process.