Hi ANYONE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE regarding to setup local yast online updater.It should looks for my local repository .

I had created Opensuse repository (11.0) and install a new machine using this repo

Repo SRC => /local/repository/Suse-11.0

1) Yast automatically configured with my local suse repository
2) I had install inst-source-utils-2007.4.24-1.noarch.rpm on Server the Cent os machine where the repository created
3) run create_update_source.sh /local/repository/Suse-11.0 [ create_update_source.sh $BASEDIR]
4) It automaticaly create and update directory and create necessary file there
5) download Index of /update/11.0/rpm/i686 packes to the updates/i686 folder
6) run create_package_descr -x setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV from the update/suse dir
7) its create nessasry desc file for the updated packages
8)Run for i in *; do echo -n "META SHA1 "; sha1sum $i|awk '{ORS=""; print $1}'; echo -n " "; basename $i; done
and get some SHA Meta keys and append the update/content file with these keys

1) zypper ar updates
Added succcessfuly -> yast repo configuration ican see this repo
2) zypper ref
Refreshed the repo succeded

3) zypper up
SHows repository is up to date no updates available