I have an Apple xServer that has been setup for the Mac computers to access the Netware 6.5sp8 server where their home directories are.. All is working well. Yet the mount/share points for afp are at the root of the volumes. I would like to mount/share the afp to the folder level. Can this be done and if it can how?

Due to the permissions at the root of the volumes the "students" can see and access things they really shouldn't. From the Windows client side the share/mount points are defined by the mounting of a drive to the user... as in map root s:=%home_directory... command in the login script. So they can't get to the root of the volume as a windows user.

The Apple Engineer says that if we can get these mount/share points enabled at the folder level the Apple xServer then can apply the afp mount/share point to these folders so the user won't see the root of the volume.

If not I will have to go over with a fine tooth comb the rights at each volume and each folder to ensure things are restricted properly...Over the years rights to different files/folders have gotten out of control. But I am concerned that in doing this the Windows users will be restricted to folders/files/policies they normally would be able to access.

Hope I have made myself clear...?


Ken S.