Is there anyway to configure fail over for GWIA? I have two GWIA agents,
one handles the major amount of inbound and outbound email while the other
handles internal SMTP requests such a inhouse written applications that have
an SMTP interface. Both gateways forward outbound (internet bound messages)
to a host for delievery but if that fowarding host is down, messages are

As I things now, I have redundant incoming servers (two Barracuda's
clustered) for internet email which I have my MX records setup so that if
one's down, incoming mail goes to the other. For outbound email, my GWIA
agent forward all email to one of the Barracuda's which works great but I'm
must decide which one.

The only way I can think of is to use internal DNS in the same manner as I
do external and setup and internal DNS MX records with one having a lower
priority so if one is down, it does to the other for outbound and then use
those DNS names in the GWIA config rather than a server IP address to
forward to

Thoughts, comments?